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Creo 4.0 is finally available. It includes advanced modeling features and improvements to many features you already love. Creo now has tools to support additive manufacturing, augmented reality (AR), model based definition (MBD), and the Internet of Things (IoT). Creo 4.0 is ready to help you create better products faster.

Productivity enhancements in Creo 4.0 help you create better products faster.

Upgraded Tools for Every Type of Project

Additive Manufacturing

Creo 4.0 offers an Additive Manufacturing Extension that includes all the essential tools you need. No need for extra programs or additional platforms, Creo 4.0 allows you to design, optimize, validate, and print. Direct printer connections provide the ability to track, manage, and validate your designs as they are printing. Plus, 3D printed lattice structures that are otherwise impossible to manufacture can also be designed and optimized in Creo 4.0.

Design and print parametrically controlled lattice structures with Creo 4.0.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Although commonly associated with video game design, augmented reality provides designers a better way to present products. With the ability to display designs in real world scenarios, designers can provide comprehensive and informative presentations. By using AR, products can be shown in different scenes and color studies for a more engaging review process.

Provide comprehensive and engaging design presentations with augmented reality.

Model Based Definition (MBD)

Managing product data can be a challenge, but Creo 4.0 can help. By centralizing product information, team productivity and communication are improved. When everyone has access to the same up-to-date information, better product decisions are made. Using these features makes it easy to publish the full MBD and reduce manufacturing costs.

Providing comprehensive access to product information makes it easy to publish the full MBD.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things has been a hot topic this year and Creo 4.0 provides you with the tools to be a part of the phenomenon. With Creo 4.0 you can design digital sensors that are part of your CAD models and embed directly into your products. By integrating this data correctly, you can have a clear understanding of how your products are used. This information can help you make future product improvements.

Design digital sensors that can be embedded in products tied to the Internet of Things.

Increase Productivity with…

Sophisticated Modeling Tools

  • Expansive materials library: over 100 new materials have been added to the Creo 4.0 library. These new materials can be easily assigned to individual parts within your models.
  • Automated duplication and assemblies: stop wasting time duplicating and arranging parts by hand. The Creo 4.0 intelligent mirror can automatically duplicate and arrange the parts you need.
  • Sketcher: new sketcher capabilities allow you to clip models based on sketch planes and snap sketches directly onto model geometry.
  • Sheetmetal modeling: Creo 4.0 finally allows you to directly design and modify sheetmetal models. Flexible tools permit you to edit all types of seams, forms, and reliefs.
  • Digital sensors: Create connected designs with Creo Insight by constructing digital sensors as integral parts of your products.
  • Solid welds: In Creo 4.0 you can create welds as solid geometry. Then the Creo Simulate extension can automatically generate the necessary weld connections.

Improved UI

Creo 4.0 uses customizable interactive workflows to provide easy access to the features you use most. Context-sensitive toolbars present you with the features and commands you need right at your fingertips.

Context sensitive toolbars and interactive workflows help increase productivity.

Keep in mind…

Creo 4.0 is an amazing product but it has just been released. While it will provide you with amazing new tools and features, we encourage all of our customers to try it out before rushing into an organization-wide deployment. We want our customers to have the best experiences possible, so we recommend waiting for an update or two before deploying in production to ensure program stability.

Have any questions about Creo 4.0? We would be happy to discuss this product with you in detail, and help you figure out how it can suit your design needs.

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