Organizations looking to drive their digital transformations forward need tools that support industry 4.0. Augmented reality (AR) is the ideal solution. Using augmented reality for industry 4.0 makes it possible to:

  • Improve the quality of field service
  • Reduce overtime spend
  • Create better documentation quickly
  • Reduce waste, spoilage, and rework
  • Sell faster
  • Optimize employee onboarding
  • Cut machine downtime

It may seem impossible that one solution can provide your organization with all of those benefits – but it is possible with Vuforia Chalk. This leading platform is the first practical augmented reality for industry 4.0 solution that is specifically built with manufacturing and industrial organizations in mind. Here’s what it can do for you.

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How Augmented Reality for Industry 4.0 Benefits Operations

Cut Selling Costs

Having booths at tradeshows can be extremely costly. In addition to registration fees, setup, and travel costs for employees – hauling large products to these locations can significantly drive up associated costs. Vuforia Chalk removes the need to ship or haul products across the country for trade shows and on-site visits. Instead, organizations can simply use augmented reality visual overlays to show customers the equipment at their site or your booth. This use of augmented reality for industry 4.0 allows the customer to gain a deeper understanding of the product’s operations, tools, and functionality, while also speeding up the sales process.

Vuforia Studio significantly reduces the costs associated with trade show booths and onsite demonstrations by using AR experiences to overlay products in real-world scenarios.

Improve Training Processes

Training employees requires significant company investment. Using augmented reality for industry 4.0 makes training faster and easier. Organizations can transfer their traditional training programs into Vuforia Chalk AR experiences that can be deployed anywhere, regardless of trainee or trainer location. Training can be completed in a classroom away from the factory floor so there are fewer distractions, making instructors more effective, and helping students learn faster. Trainees follow instructors on virtual machines, which means operations don’t have the be paused or slowed to complete training sessions.

Training with AR removes factory floor distractions so instructors can be more effective, and trainees can learn faster.

Reduce Waste, Rework, and Scrap

Improving training with augmented reality for industry 4.0 reduces costs and makes training more effective. These improvements ultimately result in fewer mistakes so there is less scrap, rework, and waste on the factory floor. This further cuts costs and improves production quality, to ensure on-time delivery and happy customers.

Besides training, AR overlays can be used to keep employees on track throughout production processes. They can follow visible guides for approved methods and don’t skip steps that are critical to safety and quality.

Ensure Preventative Maintenance

Industrial organizations must have machines running effectively to maintain operations. This is especially critical to make sure schedules are met within cost targets. Operations are significantly impacted when equipment breaks down or operates at a less than optimal rate.

Augmented reality for industry 4.0 makes it easier to maintain maintenance documentation and ensure safety checks are completed regularly. Vuforia Chalk can generate AR maintenance experiences so no steps are skipped or forgotten. Keeping up with preventative maintenance keeps operations running smoothly without the threat of unexpected delays or downtime due to mechanical issues.

Optimize Field Service Visits

Vuforia Chalk AR experiences help remotely assist field service technicians. Using this technology means more service items can be completed within a single visit – a key predictor of customer satisfaction.

These AR experiences streamline field service visits on all fronts. Technicians don’t have to carry around heavy instruction manuals with notes in the margins that quickly become outdated – they have access to updatable AR experiences. This process allows more issues to be fixed on the first visit and helps technicians complete those visits faster. Plus, you can expand your workforce using existing employees by sending less experienced technicians out on field jobs. Vuforia Chalk can support them with guided AR instructions or even remote instruction from a more experienced technician.

Less experienced technicians can be supported by experts using a combination of remote instruction and AR for optimized field service visits.

Create and Maintain Technical Processes & Documentation

Vuforia Chalk’s Expert Capture in the Vuforia Studio suite turns technical expertise into augmented reality for industry 4.0. It provides the tools employees need to seamlessly document their work, while they work. This information can be used to create easy to understand technical and process documentation.

The simple setup means employees can update and document procedures or changes as needed. Technical writers don’t have to track down employees to get them to complete this work. They can see exactly what a technician is doing using the Vuforia Chalk Expert Capture.

Implement Augmented Reality for Industry 4.0 with Vuforia Chalk

Vuforia Chalk has all the tools organizations need to take their AR implementation to the next level. Use AR experiences to improve operations in ways that increase customer satisfaction and decrease costs. Take your digital transformation efforts to the next level with the solution made to support augmented reality for industry 4.0.

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