MakerBot was one of the first mainstream desktop 3D printers on the market. In the beginning, the printers were sold as “kits” and required assembly with some minor smoldering together. They were primarily used by hobbyists to create a variety of items including shot glasses, small models, and art pieces.

Now, MarketBot has broken into the commercial and industrial markets with their latest Method and Replicator lines. These printers (as well as the entire MakerBot 3D printer line), come as closed-box solutions with no assembly required. These new printers are perfect for industrial design development and manufacturing.

The latest MakerBot 3D printers have been designed with innovators in mind.

MakerBot Method

The MakerBot Method provides industrial 3D printer reliability with 2X printing speeds and incredible dimensional accuracy. It bridges the gap between desktop and commercial/industrial utilizing advanced 3D printing technology.


  • Reliability and precision: Leveraging Stratasys technology, prints match design dimensions and have an accuracy of up to 0.2mm.
  • Fastest CAD to part: Accelerate your development processes with a printer that prints 2x faster than traditional desktop printers and allows you to implement a seamless printing workflow.
  • Maximum innovation with minimal investment: The MakerBot Method is about 1/3 of the first-year cost of other entry-level industrial printers. The average cost per part is only $7.49 and the annual cost of the printer plus materials is $2,566*.


  • Smart sensors and connectivity: The printer includes 21 intelligent sensors throughout the printer to give you complete control and visibility. These connectivity features make material and print management simple.
  • Ultra-rigid metal frame: The structurally-optimized frame is extremely strong to prevent flexing. This advance allows you to produce more consistent prints, have better accuracy, and reduce failures.
  • Dissolving PVA supports: Water-soluble PVA supports provides ultimate geometric flexibility in prints without compromising design or dimensional accuracy.
  • Dual performance extruders: These extruders maximize material flow rate at high speeds with predictability and reliability on every print layer. They feature lengthened thermal cores, are optimized for torque, and include industry-leading sensors.
  • Circulating heated chamber: Maintains heat for every layer to ensure dimensional accuracy, improved adhesion, and greater part strength.

Print commercial-grade parts two times faster than traditional desktop printers.

MakerBot Replicator Z18

The MakerBot Replicator Z18 brings together speed and reliability for industrial applications. It provides the best price-to-performance ratio in the extra-large professional category. Its huge print volume makes it possible to print extra-large, and ultra-tall models and prototypes.


  • Huge build volume: The 30.5 L x 30.5 W x 47.5 H cm build volume allows you to print huge complex parts. Print extra-large singular parts or multiple smaller designs to speed up the development process.
  • Best price to performance ratio: Includes advanced features like onboard cameras, app and cloud capabilities, and assisted leveling typically included in top-of-the-line professional printers. Plus, print costs are an average $24 per pound.
  • Professional-quality detail: Beautiful surface finish means parts are don’t require sanding, finishing, or post-production and can be used immediately.


  • MakerBot Smart Extruder +: This advanced extruder delivers dependable and consistent performance with superior results. It is magnetically swappable for easy maintenance and material switching. It also includes advanced capabilities like active jam prevention and filament detection.
  • Flexible connectivity: Easily connect your printer using USB, Wifi, Ethernet, or USB and control your printer directly via computer or remotely with the MakerBot mobile app.
  • Robust software: Store, organize, and access all your 3D design files using your personal cloud library.

Print huge parts with a beautiful finish that requires no post-processing.

MakerBot Materials

MakerBot PLA

MakerBot PLA is the best material to use across all the MakerBot printer models. It was designed to produce high-quality 3D prints, reduce material problems, and minimize downtime. Compared to other ABS materials, it has much less part warping and curling – so you don’t need a heated plate. Parts can be printed in a range of colors with a beautiful glossy finish and with sharp corners and edges.

MakerBot Tough

MakerBot Tough is designed for durable 3D printed models, prototypes, and fixtures. It can handle up to 2X the impact strength compared to other ABS materials for high durability. It is ideal for working prototypes and manufacturing aids. Its highly machinable formula supports a range of post-processing techniques to further unleash the possibilities of your prints.

MakerBot PVA

The MakerBot PVA material is used exclusively for supports on the MakerBot Method printers. Using this material allows the rest of the print to maintain an incredible surface finish and have unrestricted geometric freedom by supporting large overhangs or cavities. This material is water-soluble ensuring fast and effortless support removal without compromising part design.

Other Materials

The MakerBot Replicator Z18 can also use a range of additional materials like:

Unparalleled Industrial 3D Printers: MakerBot Method & MakerBot Replicator Z18

Improve your design processes with robust industrial 3D printers that can help you create prototypes, models, or fixtures overnight. Get the most bang for your buck with printers that have incredible features for a fraction of the price of comparable models. Use the MakerBot Method to print parts twice as fast or use the MakerBot Replicator Z18 for huge parts with a beautiful finish.

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