Mathcad Prime 6 is the leading engineering calculation software. Also referred to as Mathcad 6, this comprehensive solution includes the tools you need to enhance engineering productivity and improve calculation accuracy. The latest release includes the addition of new built-in formulas and a symbolic calculation engine that performs calculations faster and more accurately. Engineers can create beautifully formatted worksheets that document their calculations to ensure information is consistent across product documents.

The latest Mathcad 6 release helps ensure calculation consistency and accuracy across product documentation.

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What’s New Mathcad Prime 6

Symbolic Calculation Engine

The new Mathcad 6 symbolic calculation engine allows users to have more control and flexibility over their work. The engine can manage both linear and nonlinear algebraic and differential equations. It even includes tools that support the optimization of constrained systems.

Users can use standard notations for algebra, calculus, differential equations, logic, linear algebra, and more. Users can also use symbolic expressions to evaluate, solve, and manipulate data. The engine is able to support scalar, vector, matrices, and complex numbers.

The new engine is the default setting in the Mathcad Prime 6 upgrade, but users can switch back to the older engine if they prefer.

2D Chart Options

There are tons of options to customize the look and feel of 2D charts included in engineering calculation worksheets. Users can fully format the axis, show or hide gridlines, customize titles and legends, and even add a second y-axis if needed.

These charts can then be exported as an image file, so they can easily be added into presentations and documents – further ensuring accuracy across product documentation.

In terms of plotting, Mathcad 6 includes scatter, line, bar, stem, waterfall, error, box, and effect XY plots as well as 2D, 3D, polar, and contour plots.

Mathcad Prime 6 Upgrades

Enhanced Formatting

Mathcad Prime 6 has added new language capabilities to its spellchecker tool so it’s easy to share information across international teams, customers, and suppliers. Worksheets can include custom headers, footers, and margins. Hyperlinks can also be added to access external information or other files in a single click, further enhancing team productivity.

The UI has been specifically designed to simplify data manipulation and calculations but also supports simple WYSIWYG document editing. Using these tools together allows for complete control over text and math formatting in worksheets.

Data Protection and Security

The engineering calculations that support your products are a core part of your corporate IP, therefore, you want to keep this information secure. Mathcad Prime 6 includes built-in security capabilities like area protection and locking. These tools make it easy to manage access control and visibility of information both internally and externally.

These enhanced security tools prevent malicious actors from accessing and manipulating your data by password protecting sensitive areas. This hides proprietary data so you can still share documents without potentially compromising your IP.

Mathcad 6 makes it easy to protect your critical IP with advanced access control capabilities.

Mathcad Prime 6 Benefits

Seamless Interoperability

Mathcad 6 allows users to integrate content from other applications directly into worksheets to enhance user productivity. There is no need to switch between applications or try to manually synchronize work. Mathcad Prime 6 makes it easy to copy and paste from worksheets into other tools like Microsoft Word to create accurate and professional-looking engineering documents.

Large Worksheet Support

No matter how big your worksheet gets, even if it’s over 100 pages, Mathcad 6 can easily handle all of the data. Unlike other engineering calculation platforms, Mathcad Prime 6 doesn’t freeze up under large data loads.

Creo Compatibility

Mathcad Prime 6 and Creo are both part of the PTC family – so they work together perfectly. Engineers can create Creo designs directly from their Mathcad 6 calculations and even embed the complete worksheet into the Creo design document. Engineers don’t have to transfer data between systems, which significantly increases productivity and reduces the chances of errors. Anyone working with Creo documentation has the calculations easily accessible. Mathcad 6 and Creo work together to create a powerful engineering toolset for your organization.

Mathcad Prime 6: The Leading Engineering Calculation Software

If you work in manufacturing or product design, then Mathcad 6 is a great solution for completing and presenting your engineering calculations. Its features help increase productivity and accuracy across your product documentation. Couple it with Creo, and you truly have a powerhouse solution to support your team.

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