Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PTC Windchill is a proven out-of-the-box solution to managing and collaborating every aspect of information about your product development and manufacturing process.

Windchill acts as the single source of product information all the way up and down the organization.

Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Built-in integration with all major product development software including all PTC products.
  • Easy connectivity to other enterprise systems
  • Supports distributed product development and enables real-time collaboration across firewalls
  • Drives cross-enterprise understanding of complex content – regardless of source

Windchill 11 is now available

3 HTi is excited about the improvements and changes this major release will bring our PLM customers.

This new release features great new features:

  • New Creo management tools
  • New search capabilities
  • Improved role-based UI
  • Robust BoM management
  • Cloud deployments
  • New licensing terms for greater flexibility and lower costs

Read more about Windchill 11 here.

PTC Windchill Products:

ThingWorx Navigate
ThingWorx Navigate is a set of seven apps that allow users across your company to easily access current product data from Windchill.

Instant, production ready PLM deployed and maintained for you in the cloud. This is the easiest way to get started with PLM.

PTC Windchill Visualization and Division Mockup
PTC offers a robust set of visualization and division mock-up collaboration solutions to enhance group collaboration during product development.

PTC Windchill PartsLink Classification and Reuse
Enterprise-wide web-based library that allows you to organize internal design libraries and make them available to your engineering team through flexible, easy-to-use searching mechanisms.

PTC Windchill ProjectLink
Collaboration software that securely harnesses the talents and energy of the entire team, inside or outside of your firewall. Windchill ProjectLink provides powerful web based collaboration tools for effective group product development.

PTC Windchill PDMLink
A content and process management solution that allows companies to expertly manage all forms of content via a single repository.

PTC Windchill Supplier Management
Manage, analyze, and communicate critical supply chain information.

PTC Windchill Integrations
Products to help optimize product development to seamlessly integrate cross-application data compatibility and information exchange.

PTC Windchill Archive
Allows you to purge unneeded information from your database, to archive that information to long-term storage, and to easily restore the information when you need it.