Information Exchange and Data Integration without Complications

Windchill Integrations ToolingCross-application data compatibility and information exchange is an absolute necessity in product development. Generally though, it is a tough challenge to overcome during product development. But with robust support for all leading MCAD and ECAD tools, rich Info*Engine integrations, and turnkey support for providing connections to leading ERP systems, Windchill exchanges relevant product information accurately, and efficiently.

Windchill MCAD and ECAD Integrations

Multi-CAD fluency…Within a given supply chain or engineering team, design work invariably involves multiple mechanical and electrical CAD systems. Controlling these disparate data sources is the domain of Windchill MCAD & ECAD integrations. Through vast support of major MCAD/ECAD tools, they enable proper access of CAD data to all team members throughout the enterprise, greatly speeding the design process.

  • Enjoy data compatibility with major MCAD & ECAD authoring solutions
  • Integrate Windchill functionality into each designer’s unique design environment
  • Improve operating efficiency by sharing mission critical engineering information throughout the enterprise
  • Simplify information management activities to improve productivity and accelerate the design process
  • Ensure design data integrity throughout the design and engineering change processes

Windchill Enterprise System Integrations

Connect enterprise systems…Historically, enterprise system integrations have required error-prone manual processes or fragile, custom point-to-point solutions, resulting in significant cost and product quality issues. But Windchill Enterprise Systems Integration (ESI) synchronizes processes and information, enabling optimization of product development while minimizing risk and total cost of ownership. Via bi-directional integration, Windchill ESI enables robust connection between PLM and ERP systems.

  • Provides turnkey SAP and Oracle Manufacturing integration processes
  • Synchronizes parts, documents, bill of material (BOM) structures, engineering change notification (ECN), product configurations
  • Bundles TIBCO EAI technology for connectivity to the broad suite of TIBCO adapters
  • Improves product data quality and reduces errors through automated exchange of information
  • Accelerates time to market through improved process coordination between engineering and manufacturing

Windchill Info*Engine

Seamless information access…Enterprise systems harbor great potential for your organization, yet poor information accessibility often keeps that value from being realized. For maximum benefit, companies must extend enterprise information assets to a wide range of users and applications for context-specific usage. Windchill Info*Engine provides a flexible, standards-based foundation for seamless data sharing between enterprise applications and user communities.

  • Helps companies take advantage of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) with support for SOAP and WSDL Web Services Technologies
  • J2EE support, including standard JSP tag libraries, JMS, and Java Connector with automatic DAO and EJB generation
  • Application and technology adapters to meet the most popular integration needs
  • Robust transaction management: synchronous/asynchronous operation modes, transaction units, checkpointing, parallel processing, load balancing and failover
  • Sophisticated integration engine supports Java native and XML/XSL representations and data transformations