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We no longer sell the Markforged line of 3D printers, but we do offer the leading open source material printers from German RapRap, incredible printers from EnvisionTEC, and latest industrial printers from MakerBot. Check them out below.

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Top 3D Printers

At 3 HTi, we know that the debate around top 3D printers revolves almost entirely around what you want to do with them. There is no single “Top 3D Printer”.

3 HTi represents several different 3D printer manufacturers with an extremely wide range of models, materials, and capabilities. We’ve also played with virtually every major system on the market. So we help our customers evaluate their needs and then guide them to a line (or several lines) of 3D printers that makes sense for their use case.

Many people want to know how to choose the right 3D printer.

The first step is to figure out what you want to do with it.

  • Do you want to build non-functional prototypes so that you can see and hold a model of what you’re trying to design?
  • Do you want to build relatively small, but very strong and lightweight custom parts?
  • Are you looking to build industrial-scale composite parts that need to be both strong and large?
  • Are you looking to print molds for traditional injection molding?
  • Do you need the highest resolution possible for very precise parts for medical purposes like custom hearing aids, dental implants, or similar?
  • What kind of materials are you looking to print? ABS, Nylon, Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, etc.
  • Are you looking to print biomaterials?

Of course, not every use case calls for buying a 3D printer. So you also need to figure out how often and how much do you need to print?

If you only need to print a limited number of parts, the top 3D printer may be one that you don’t own. That’s why 3 HTi also provides contract additive manufacturing services where we can build-on-demand. We can even provide top contract design and testing services for those desiring an end-to-end contract solution. Why buy the cow if you just want some milk?

Our DNA is in helping companies build better products – from design to manufacture…

So, without further ado, here are our Top 3D Printers for 4 Common Use Cases:

1. Best 3D printer for Highest Resolution Jobs

The EnvisionTEC print family prints down to .03mm accuracy with a wide variety of materials and minimal post-processing. Ever since EnvisionTEC rolled out their first 3D printer in 1999, they have been known throughout Europe for the high reliability of their printers and the precision of the components and manufacture that their 3D printers produce. We’re happy to be one of their first resellers here in the US.

Materials: ABS, polypropylene, E-Glass, Photosilver, Specialty materials for molds, direct investment casting, dental and medical uses, and high temperatures


2. Best 3D printer for Relatively Small Strong Parts

The Mark Two Composite 3D Printer by MarkForged is our hands-down favorite for printing small, strong parts. These composite parts are stronger and lighter than aluminum.

We’ve been impressed with the performance of this workhorse ever since the original Mark One was released two years ago. And the price point can’t be beat. The Mark Two printer starts at just $5,500!

Materials: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar®, Nylon

3. Best 3D printer for Gigantic Strong Parts

Do you need to print big AND strong parts? The amazing SLCOM 1 is your definitive answer. Print amazingly strong composite parts up to 25 cubic feet in size! This brand new industrial scale 3D printer is like no other 3D printer in existence.


4. Best 3D printer for Biomaterials

The Bioplotter from EnvisionTEC is the ideal tool for both biomaterial production parts or for research, testing and diagnosis.

Utilize a wide range of materials… from soft hydrogels over polymer melts to hard ceramics and metals. The Bioplotter is not locked to proprietary materials: choose your own vendors and customize materials as needed for ideal medical grades, mixture compositions and concentrations, additives, etc. It’s really the most impressive and flexible Biomaterial 3D printer on the market.

Want to know more about how to choose a 3D printer? Contact us we’d be happy to help.