PTC Windchill 11 is an innovative product lifecycle management (PLM) software solution. It includes tools and features to help you create connected products while increasing collaboration and improving management within your organization. Windchill’s flexible PLM software provides a single source of product information, which improves decision-making resulting in better products.

Create smart and connected products with Windchill 11.

Windchill 11 is…


Windchill makes sure that everyone involved in the development process is connected and informed with a single version of the truth through:

  • Role-based applications that get the right information to the right people
  • Advanced search tools that make it easy to find and reuse parts that have already been designed instead of wasting time and resources recreating them
  • Improved IP protection and security allowing you to safely collaborate with 3rd party teams

Provide a single version of the truth to make better product decisions and increase product quality.


Increase product quality faster with direct access to operational data, allowing teams to make informed decisions with features like:

  • IoT tools that allow you to gather and analyze utilization data from products in the field to make current and future improvements
  • Requirements tracing that allows you to define and manage the connections between your system requirements and product designs
  • A performance advisor for proactive support of your PLM solution by gathering information about your Windchill system to alert PTC of issues that need to be addressed

IoT features allow you to gather and interpret product data while products are being used in the field to understand real-world usage and make future improvements.


Windchill is able to manage data and processes for your organization. This complete PLM solution includes updates to:

  • BoM transformation to improve the collaboration and transition of the bill of materials (BoM) between dispersed teams
  • BoM management which includes tools to create and manage the complete BoM with improvements to visualization, part definition, and variants management
  • Creo integrations that allow you to utilize the latest design features of Creo by supporting CAD files in their native formats

Easily manage the Bill of Materials (BoM) between teams.


Windchill includes a variety of deployment options to accommodate the needs of every organization. Options include:

  • Cloud deployment. Provides flexibility in licensing costs without requiring a significant investment or other additional resources.
  • On-premise deployment. Ideal if your organization already has investments in other systems or any other restrictions.
  • SaaS deployment. Perfect for small to medium business who are looking the benefits of Windchill without hardware commitments or IT overhead.

Windchill includes a variety of deployment options to accommodate the unique needs of every organization.

Windchill Extensions

Windchill 11 includes eight interlinked extensions, each with their own benefits and features. These extensions come together to simplify collaboration, streamline development, and help you create better products.

Produce Better Products with Windchill 11

Windchill can help you create better products through team collaboration and strong decision-making throughout development. Windchill provides teams with a single source of the truth and tools to optimize every step of the way. Your organization no longer has to worry about late reworks due to choices made based on inaccurate information. You can get your innovative products to market faster and at a lower cost.

Work Better Together

At 3HTi we understand how challenging it can be to set up an integrated PLM solution. That’s why we have an incredibly experienced professional services team to help you throughout the entire process. We’ve been working with Windchill since its conception and have developed thorough discovery, strategy, planning, and implementation guides that brings every engagement to a successful conclusion.

3 HTi is the largest PTC partner in the East Coast. We thoroughly understand the entire PTC ecosystem (as well as how to integrate PTC products with other systems).

Ready to innovate with Windchill and 3HTi? Contact us today for more information.