How do you make a product that redefines your industry’s marketplace? SKF Group knows a thing or two about that — they used PTC Creo to turn their latest rolling bearing into a game-changer.

Leading the Charge

The SKF Group, a company based in Göteborg, Sweden, is a global leader in supplying products, solutions, and customer services to players in the rolling bearing and seals industry. For over 100 years, their innovative rolling bearing has outmatched its competitors — no easy feat considering that it’s also one of the most universal pieces of technology in the world.


The CARB® Toroidal Roller Bearing, introduced in 1995, offered functionality none of its competitors could match at the time. It easily handled angular misalignment, higher loading, and axial displacement.

Going Global with Mathcad

The team behind the CARB® Toroidal Roller Bearing uses PTC Mathcad as their design tool. It allows them to perform every calculation, from basic sketches through to a finished product. The software even allows them to

The design and development team that created the CARB® Toroidal Roller Bearing chose Mathcad as their design tool, because it performs every calculation, from basic sketches to finished product. Designers can even give the software rules that help it make materials and dimensions decisions.

Mathcad also lets them extract data from the base, use it to calculate and optimize the bearing’s components, and feed the results to their manufacturing units around the world via a web interface. This lets them work with team members regardless of where they are.

Constant Innovation

Using Mathcad’s intuitive and readable interface, their team of designers and developers can also easily perform complex computations. They can specify critical design parameters like size, load-carrying capacity and material composition — then perform analyses of the design’s performance in various sizes and applications. Mathcad even keeps track of all the tests the SKF Group team runs, enabling them to innovate based on historical performance.

These features have helped propel SKF group to the forefront of their industry, thanks to the hundreds of custom iterations they’ve created of the CARB® Toroidal roller bearings.

With industry-leading efficiency and functionality, Mathcad will help SKF stay ahead of the competition for the next hundred years and more.


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