Luxion has once again redefined the limits of 3D rendering software with the release of KeyShot 11. Their interface is already well-known for being intuitive and simple to use, and the newest version only bolsters that reputation, empowering you to add realistic detail without sacrificing usability. Keyshot 11 is a leading option for 3D rendering software. Here’s our overview of the new KeyShot 11 features that will have you easily transforming your unique concepts to polished products in no time.

With these major enhancements, KeyShot 11 maintains its position as one of the best real-time 3D rendering programs out there.

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KeyShot 11 Features

Create eye-catching 3D visual experiences

KeyShot 11 gives you complete control to create truly engaging animations. No matter your level of expertise, you hold the power to breathe life into your 3D models.

  • 3D Paint – a new texture painting tool, that allows you to further customize a model’s surface finishes by directly painting or stamping textures on the surface. Add wear marks, create unique surface weathering, or layer effects to create more realistic surface patinas to any surface within your scene.
  • Material Management & CMF Output – KeyShot 11 adds both Material Management and Color, Material, and Finish (CMF) Output. This robust feature set eliminates the manual process of aligning rendered output to its corresponding materials, allowing you to define custom schema, utilize Material Library metadata, and easily generate ready-made “tech packs” for design review.
  • Physics Simulation – Physics Simulation allows you to record the physics of an object and apply it as a keyframe animation. This tool introduces fully simulated animations along with more accuracy in scattering objects. Simulations may be applied to individual or multiple Model Sets, objects, or groups of objects and simulated as parts or an entire group. Control Gravity, Friction, and Bounciness and more.


With the texturing and physics overhauls in the new KeyShot 11 feature set, you can create incredibly realistic 3D renders that captivate your customers.


Other KeyShot 11 feature upgrades and general improvements

Sometimes a minor software tweak can make all the difference to a designer. Along with the major functionality additions overhauls that KeyShot 11 has incorporated, other features you will find in version 11.1 include:

  • Environmental Brightness Animation –  Control and adjust the brightness of environment lighting directly with KeyShot Animation.
  • Deformable Animation support – Import .mc/.mcx cache files and FBX files with rigged animations in addition to Alembic.
  • Skin Tones – New skin materials bring a wider array of skin tones to the KeyShot Material Library to drag-and-drop onto 3D models.
  • GPU Cutaway Material – The popular cutaway material is now supported in GPU mode with all cutaway options.
  • glTF/USDz Enhancements – KeyShot glTF and USDz export is optimized with support for instancing to greatly reduce file size.
  • KeyShot Web Viewer Improvements – 3x speed increase, texture compression
  • 3D Paint Improvements – paint cloning and increased performance
  • Physics Simulation Improvements – Physics multi-selection and selection outlines
  • 3D File Format Support – Support for SOLIDWORKS 2022, NX 2000, Solid Edge 2022, plus Creo View import Improvements and USD/glTF export with original UVs
  • KeyShot for Blender Add-on – Render your scene alongside Blender with LiveLinking and support for layers/models sets, and rigid/deformable animation
  • KeyShot for NX Subscription – The new KeyShot for NX plugin offers subscription licensing with direct integration and LiveLinking with Siemens NX.

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