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The Mark Two by Markforged allows designers and engineers to easily create strong, light, high-quality parts at a low cost using composite 3D printing. This advanced technology helps manufacturers significantly lower their production and prototyping costs while also shortening lead times.

Create strong, light, high-quality parts using the Mark Two.

The Mark Two

composite 3d printing - mark two - printerThe Markforged Mark Two is an advanced 3D printer that utilizes dual printer heads to print both composite and non-composite 3D parts in a variety of materials. Users can print their parts using carbon fiber, Kevlar, or Onyx (a chopped fiber material developed by Markforged). Using the Mark Two for composite 3D printing provides users with numerous benefits compared to traditional manufacturing methods including:

  • Strong parts: Composite 3D printing technology creates parts that have unparalleled strength, stiffness, and durability.
  • Precise printing: The Mark Two lays down materials at extremely small volumes, increasing precision and supporting the creation of lighter and stronger parts.
  • Fast printing: The Mark Two can print 40% faster than previous Markforged printers.
  • Easy-to-use: Built-in touchscreens, WiFi connections, and simple Eiger software make the Mark Two intuitive for all users.

Fit and Finish

The Mark Two prints at a high-resolution of 100 microns. This means parts have a beautiful and smooth finish right off the print deck with no need for additional post-processing, saving additional time and money for manufacturers.

The printer also uses a snap-in print bed to simplify printer use. Users can easily remove the bed for cleaning or to add other components and then snap it back in within a 10-micron tolerance.

Eiger Software

Developed by Markforged specifically for their printers, Eiger software simplifies the printing process. This cloud-based solution can run within any web browser and allows users to import 3D CAD files from any CAD design program.

The software analyzes designs to determine the best reinforcement points for parts and their various components. Eiger software then determines the optimal fiber routing and slicing options to ensure the user’s desired strength and flexibility.

This optimization process eliminates many of the time-consuming tasks and calculations that are typically required when optimizing CAD designs for composite 3D printing. Users have the option to manually control and override these optimizations, but many find that the Eiger software usually produces the best solution.

Benefits of Composite 3D Printing

composite 3d printing - mark two - partComposite materials are created when two different materials are mixed together to create a unique substance. The use of composite materials is nothing new, as they have been used in numerous industries for years including aerospace, automotive, and renewable energy. However, traditional manufacturing techniques used to create composite materials can be complicated and costly.

Composite 3D printing can create parts that are:
5x stronger than steel
20x stiffer
30% lighter

Composite 3D printing simplifies the creation of these materials, opening up a world of opportunities for the creation of carbon reinforced parts. These parts can be up to five times stronger than steel, twenty times stiffer, and up to thirty percent lighter. These enhancements allow composite 3D printing to be utilized in an even wider variety of industries.

Why the Mark Two

Using the Mark Two for composite 3D printing is ideal for:

  • Structural parts
  • Functional prototyping
  • Custom end-use production parts
  • Jigs, fixtures, and other tooling

It allows you to print using continuous filaments or chopped (discontinuous) fibers. Both provide improved strength and stiffness, offering users increased design flexibility.

The Mark Two allows you to print with continuous filaments or chopped fibers.

Mark Two Success Stories

Many organizations are already taking advantage of what the Mark Two has to offer. Here are some of their success stories:

  • Shift Koncepts uses the Mark Two to manufacture high-end extended paddle shifters for the automotive racing aftermarket. The founder, Hung Ngo, developed the company himself after finding an unfulfilled need in the market. He tried other 3D printing methods, but eventually purchased a Mark One and then later upgraded to a Mark Two due to the increased strength, stiffness, and the high-quality look of the finished paddle shifters.
  • Arow Global uses the Mark Two to decrease the prototyping costs associated with creating rubber extrusions for coaches and buses. Prototyping with rubber is extremely costly, and regularly machined aluminum couldn’t stand up to the required testing. With the purchase of the Mark Two, Arow was able to decrease prototyping costs and also create custom jigs for production. A previously $400, 2.5-week process has been transformed into a 1-day process that costs only a few dollars.
  • Dixon Valve and Coupling uses the Mark Two to create custom robotic arms for manufacturing on their shop floor. Previously, it would take three days plus shipping at a cost of $300 per arm. Now, each arm costs under $10 and takes only 9 hours to manufacture in-house.

The Mark Two: High-Quality Custom Products at a Low Price

The Mark Two provides designers, engineers, and manufacturers with the tools they need to create custom parts at a fraction of traditional manufacturing methods. Dual printer heads provide endless possibilities for both additive manufacturing and composite 3D printing. Easily print your parts directly from your CAD designs, overnight, with a beautiful finish.

Interested in learning more about the Mark Two or any of the other Markforged 3D printers? Contact us.