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We no longer sell the Markforged line of 3D printers, but we do offer the leading open source material printers from German RapRap, incredible printers from EnvisionTEC, and latest industrial printers from MakerBot. Check them out below.

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Markforged printers have consistently been ahead of the game. With constant innovation in technology and materials, their printers have always provided a range of advanced capabilities to users. Now, the latest lineup has something for everyone by offering a variety of technical features across a range of prices.

Markforged printers are available across a range of price points.

Advanced Features

Markforged printers include a range of features in addition to their amazing 3D printing capabilities. These added benefits allow you to get the most out of your Markforged printer.

  • Advanced Eiger Software: The software included with your printer simplifies the printing process. It allows you to import your drawings and slices directly, so your prints look exactly as you expect.
  • Intuitive Touch Screen: Some advanced models include touchscreens right on the printer. These touchscreens allow you to easily manage all aspects of your printer including prints, materials, Wi-Fi connections, and more.
  • Turbo Print (beta): Still in the beta stages, Turbo Print allows you to generate prints 2x faster than normal printing speeds at 100-micron resolution.

Whatever you need, Markforged has a printer for you!

Print metal parts.

The Metal X by Markforged is the first printer of its kind, bringing the benefits of metal 3D printing to everyone. Rather than having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on metal sintering machines that can take days to print parts, you can purchase the Metal X at a fraction of the price and have metal parts printed overnight. The Metal X includes tools to help you create industrial quality replacement parts, injection molds, and working prototypes. It can print the following metals:

  • Stainless steel (303 & 17-4)
  • Aluminum (6061 & 7075)
  • Tool Steel (A-2 & D-2)
  • Inconel (IN Alloy 625)
  • Titanium (Ti-6A1-4V beta)

Print large parts.

The Mark X is ideal for creating large prints at a high resolution. This Markforged printer has the first ever precision sensing system, with advanced sensors to track every printer movement and to ensure that your prints turn out perfectly. Plus, the precision sensing system allows you to check your parts mid-print, ensuring accuracy at the most critical tolerances.

Print large industrial prints at a high resolution with the Mark X.

The printing area on the Mark X is 2.5x larger than the other Markforged printers at 13” x 9.8” x 7.9”, providing you with the opportunity to create larger parts, with the same Markforged strength you love. Prints from the Mark X have a beautiful onyx finish that’s perfect for functional prototypes, robotics, prosthetics, and automotive parts.

Print directly from CAD files.

The Mark Two is the only printer on the market that provides designers with the ability to go straight from CAD file to part. You can print strong parts in a wide range of materials at 100-micron resolution. With completed prints that have a beautiful finish, you can use your parts right off of the printer. Your prints can be generated in a few hours in the following materials:

  • Onyx
  • Nylon
  • Carbon fiber
  • Fiberglass
  • Kevlar

Print strong parts.

The Markforged lineup has two printers that are part of the Onyx Series, the Onyx One and then Onyx Pro. Both offer amazing Markforged features at a reasonable price. These printers are great if you’re an individual or team just beginning to explore the benefits of 3D printing. The Onyx One has a single printer head and prints with the state-of-the-art Onyx material. The Onyx Pro can also print Onyx but has a second printer head to print Onyx reinforced with fiberglass. This material is 5x stronger than Onyx alone. Plus, the speed and resolution of the Onyx Pro make it perfect for improving your iteration processes.

The Onyx Series printers provide all the features you need to start exploring the possibilities of 3D printing.

Expand your design possibilities with 3D printing.

Whether you’re looking for industrial strength metal parts, or just looking to see what kind of potential 3D printing has, Markforged has a printer for you. With state-of-the-art features and materials, you can begin revolutionizing the way you design with any of the Markforged printers.

Interested in unleashing the possibilities of 3D printing? Contact us today and we would be happy to explore all of the printers with you in depth to find the one that is perfect for you.