KeyShot 9 is the latest release of Luxion’s industry-leading real-time 3D rendering software. It speeds up the creation of realistic product shots and design workflows. The latest features added to KeyShot 9 support the creation of mind-blowingly realistic renders.

KeyShot 9 enhancements were focused on four specific areas:

  1. Materials and textures: Material controls including a new Fuzz shader that makes cloth stunningly realistic with contour and texture controls. There’s also a new model library to help kickstart designs.
  2. Imports and integrations: A new streamlined import dialog speeds up imports and helps resolve missing resources.
  3. Workflows and setups: Drag and drop import capabilities, material and lighting setups, and one-click rendering tools make it easier than ever to work with KeyShot 9.
  4. Images and output: The platform now includes ultra-realistic weave and fiber control, a searchable library of 3D models with materials and textures that can be added to a scene with a simple drag and drop.

The latest KeyShot 9 features allow you to add even more detail to your photo-realistic images.

A Detailed Look at KeyShot 9

KeyShot 9 includes the addition of specific tools that allow designers to add even more detail to their photo-realistic images.

  • RealCloth: This powerful patent-pending technology renders a new material type that allows designers and engineers to create and visualize details of realistic woven materials—including the ability to add flyaway fibers or designate the ply. Pattern presets let you choose from common patterns and textures and change angles and sizes, while Fuzz adds softness to rendered materials.
  • Browzwear VStitcher PlugIn: Lets users send garments from Vstitcher directly to KeyShot 9 with all textures included.
  • GPU-accelerated real-time ray tracing: Mind-blowing performance improvements happen when KeyShot 9 takes full advantage of NVIDIA RTX GPUs with OptiX. One-click access supports multi-GPU performance, scaling, and ray tracing acceleration.
  • AI Denoise: Render smooth output faster and with less noise in real-time. Images render up to 30 times faster in either CPU or GPU mode. It also offers the ability to adjust images with numerous style changes, including tone, curve, color, and effects in both basic image and photographic image styles.
  • Online Configurator: Create interactive, fully-rendered product views and configurations in a web browser. Users select the product variations that interest them, and the software turns it into a high-quality, touch-enabled 3D content. This content can be used to increase customer engagement with products during the sales cycle or during design to share ideas with internal stakeholders.
  • 3D Model Library: Easily add models to a scene to make renderings more realistic and engaging. Drag and drop, double click, or choose from a menu—the extensive models available are added to the scene quickly and easily, completing the scenario. Users can even add their own models to the library for further customization.
  • Animation Curve Control: Customize the motion and appearance of animations including real-time control to customize material properties.
  • Generic (BRDF) Material: Allows users to adjust finish properties for clear coat, metallic, sheen, anisotropic, and other material finishes.
  • STL Color Output: Export .STL files for 3D printing. Enjoy accurately rendered vertex colors in both texture maps and procedural textures.

Support and improve your development and sales processes with photo-realistic product images created with KeyShot 9.

More Features in KeyShot 9

Of course, in addition to large feature additions, the latest KeyShot 9 release also includes general productivity improvements:

  • Streamlined import
  • ‘Resolve missing resources’ dialog
  • Photographic image style ‘response curve’
  • Improved HDRI editor pin interaction
  • Improved geometry shader workflow
  • Configurator sub-component groups
  • Substance painter material import
  • Contour procedural texture \ X-rite AXFtm 6
  • Geometry, material, and camera tools in one place

The latest KeyShot 9 features make it one of the most advanced 3D rendering software platforms available.

KeyShot 9 Price and License Options

When the team at KeyShot says their vision is “to unlock the visual imagination throughout the decision process across all industries,” they weren’t kidding. KeyShot 9 offers all the tools necessary for realistic 3D renderings in real-time. Couple incredible features with ease of use and KeyShot 9 becomes an essential tool for designers and engineers.

KeyShot 9 comes in multiple versions, so you can license only the features you need—or upgrade in the future.

There are two individual license options. KeyShot 9 HD is $995 per user per year, and KeyShot 9 Pro, which adds helpful features like the configuration capability and additional materials, is $1995.

In addition to the two individual license options, there are also two corporate licensing models available: KeyShot Pro Floating and KeyShot Enterprise, which can be a more cost-effective option for larger corporate teams.

Get the Latest Advanced 3D Rendering Software

If you are interested in learning more about KeyShot 9 or in seeing a demo of the amazing new features, contact us below. We’ll be happy to show you the advanced 3D rending software and help you understand how they can help you with product design.

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