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As companies undergo digital transformation, the need for realistic design-integrated simulation capabilities becomes imperative. SIMULIA empowers engineers and designers to quickly evaluate multiple design iterations and to develop and analyze products in a single environment. The enhanced speed and productivity that SIMULIA delivers, helps ensure projects are completed on time and that products meet expectations.

SIMULIA: The Best Solution for Your Company

Designer and engineering productivity significantly improves when they can operate in a single environment without having to switch apps for each task. There’s no need to reacclimate to different UIs or desktops. Plus, having integrated analytics directly within the design and simulation functionality lets users make informed decisions quickly. Users have reported that their design cycle analysis times were 60% faster than when using non-integrated solutions.

Users save even more time because they don’t have to export designs to simulation tools—they can see the design in real-world situations and 3D environments.

Built-in ad hoc workflows allow the team to collaborate on projects and keep them on schedule without the hassle of yet another separate application, and performance studies on changes help them make informed decisions faster. Products are verified to meet performance and operating specs without needless delays to backtrack to older designs thanks to built-in traceability of changes, and version control for all designs.

What Kind of Companies Need SIMULIA?

Any company with a product or service focus can benefit from the CAD simulation capabilities in SIMULIA.

  • Aerospace and Defense: Complete structural analysis quickly and accurately, to improve safety and reduce costs.
  • Business Services: Ensure perfect 3D prints with pre-print simulations.
  • Construction, Cities, and Territories: Evaluate design alternatives within the constraints of regulatory compliance, budget, and time.
  • Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail: Simulate how a new product will perform at every stage and test the relative advantages of different packaging such as capping, casing, labeling, and palletizing.
  • Energy and Materials: Ensure you meet environmental and safety standards by accurately simulating the behavior of large structures and components under multiple stress scenarios.
  • High-Tech: Deliver market-leading connected smart products that optimize the customer experience within extremely short innovation cycles with data-driven virtual prototyping.
  • Home and Lifestyle: Deliver simulation of furniture, sporting equipment, or fashion and luxury goods, allowing consumers to see designs in a real-world setting.
  • Industrial Equipment: Optimize the needs of many different customers and use cases while improving operating cycle times and reducing downtime and costs.
  • Life Sciences: SIMULIA specifically offers a wider-variety of materials, procedures, and load types compared to other simulation tools. This makes it the best solution for evaluating and designing implants, orthopedic devices, tissue modeling, and body mechanics. Results have been used in PMA and 510-K submissions to attain regulatory approval.
  • Marine and Offshore: Evaluate complex ship structures under adverse conditions impossible to replicate in the real world to ensure safety and minimize the time and cost of destructive testing.
  • Transportation and Mobility: Quickly balance emerging technologies, shifting customer demands, safety, and OEM and regulatory requirements to arrive at an optimum design solution.

The CAD simulation capabilities in SIMULIA make it the ideal solution to streamline development across a range of industries.

How Will You Use SIMULIA?

Whether you choose to operate SIMULIA on-premise or in the cloud, the possibilities for using SIMULIA to improve your products and service offerings are limited only by your imagination. We’d love to help you brainstorm on the ways you could use SIMULIA in your company’s next design project.

For information or conversation about SIMULIA or SIMULIA price, contact us below. We can answer your questions about SIMULIA’s capabilities or arrange a free, no-obligation demo.