One of the biggest challenges in using 3D CAD modeling is the ability to create Complex Shapes and Surfaces. This process is done through creating progressively more complicated sets of geometry that are built on top of one another. The mathematical algorithms used by CAD applications to calculate the spatial representations of complex geometry are exceedingly complicated.

What if you could create limitless geometric shapes and surfaces saving 60% of the time it takes you now?

The combination of “3D Direct Modeling” and “Feature based 3D Modeling” is new to the CAD industry. For old-school Parametric users this may seem alien. But these tools are truly revolutionary and allow Industrial Designers and Engineers to:

  • Provide control over advanced geometric curvatures
  • Specifically and precisely tweak geometry
  • Expand the parameters of combining “Shape” and “Functionality”
  • Give the ability for an Engineer to add Parametric Intelligence to whatever shapes a Designer can create

Break out of the “this is the way we have always done this” mode and join Industry Veteran Greg Hamel as we demonstrate live how fast and easy it is to create complex shapes and surfaces using PTC Creo.

  • What – Webinar – How To Create Complex Geometry and Complex Surfaces Fast!
  • When – Friday, April 19th at 11:00 AM to 11:30 pm.
  • Where – Online Webinar
  • Who – This is for Industrial Designers, Engineers, CAD Users, Engineering Department Heads and anyone in the product development process that wants to push the limits of design!

About our Guest Presenter – Greg Hamel

Greg is a Senior Consultant at Visible Edge (a part of the 3 HTi family of Systems Integration). Greg is an Alumni of UMASS with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and continues studies in Mechanical Engineering, Math, Physics and Computer Science.

As an Expert in the field of electro/mechanical Research and Development Greg helps companies improve in the areas of design of product concepts, product design improvements and manufacturing improvements.

In addition to his certifications for Instructing Pro/ENGINEER, PTC Creo, and PTC Windchill Greg is proficient in AutoCAD and is a Certified Solidworks Associate. His experience in understanding these CAD systems give him the ability to help train new users of Pro/ENGINEER and Creo attain fast adoption.