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Creo Parametric, PTC’s new 3D parametric modeling system, leverages proven technologies from Pro/ENGINEER®, CoCreate® and ProductView® and delivers hundreds of new capabilities that will improve your design efficiency and productivity. Building on a rich legacy of power and robustness, Creo Parametric offers the broadest range of integrated 3D CAD, CAID, CAM and CAE capabilities, coupled with an intuitive, productivity-enhancing user experience. In addition, many new capabilities in Creo Parametric give you even more design flexibility, power and speed than ever before. A few of the enhancements and new extensions are highlighted in the list below to illustrate why you should upgrade and unlock potential today:


1. Concept Design Freedom

Quickly create freeform shapes and surfaces using the new FreeStyle design features in Creo Parametric. Fast, easy, sub-divisional modeling capabilities give you the freedom and flexibility to create simple and complex shapes, yet still deliver high-quality engineering surfaces in breakthrough time. Accelerate concept design and reuse this data in a 3D detailed design process to further save time and increase productivity.


2. Extreme Flexibility

The new Creo Flexible Modeling Extension gives Creo Parametric users more design flexibility and speed. Easily select and edit a range of geometry types, including rounds and patterns. Dramatic edits and moves are recorded as features that can be updated to maintain full design intent. You can edit imported data faster, better accommodate late-stage design changes and streamline de-featuring of design for downstream design processes.


3. Industry-Leading User Experience

Accelerate adoption and increase design efficiency. Access commands faster with a streamlined, customizable and familiar ribbon interface. State-of-the-art tools such as an intuitive 3D CoPilot, in-graphics toolbar and mini toolbars increase design efficiency. The new embedded command finder makes locating capabilities faster than ever. Faster installation and easy access to adoption aids – including the new LearningConnector, tutorials and Help resources – will get you up to speed faster in no time.


4. Faster, Easier Assembly Design

Increase efficiency when working with massive assemblies with faster, smarter retrieval of native or 3rd-party product data by leveraging ProductView technology. Quickly restructure, reorder and rename components in your assembly designs. Understand your assemblies better with new “Track Changes” capabilities that allow you to see exactly what has been changed and modified where in your assemblies as well as with assembly quick search. Streamlined new component placement constraints and CoPilot functionality offer easier, more intuitive commands to accelerate your detailed design process.


5. New Creo Legacy Migration Extension

Streamline working with CAD data imported from other systems using new legacy migration tools to associate legacy 2D drawings to 3D models. Save time and reduce errors from manually recreating 2D drawings. Increase productivity by up to 70%. Additional capabilities include the creation of 3D annotations on your designs directly from existing 2D drawings.


6. New Creo Layout App

Leverage the 2D conceptual engineering capabilities in Creo Layout to provide a jump-start on your 3D design. This new stand-alone app enables fast creation of detailed 2D conceptual engineering models. You can then accelerate the transition from 2D to 3D design by seamlessly reusing Creo Layout data in your 3D assembly design in Creo Parametric.


7. Increased 3D Modeling Productivity

You can now perform everyday 3D modeling tasks faster and easier with Creo Parametric. Creo Parametric has many core design productivity enhancements that make it faster than ever to create sketched-based features, as well as many additional improvements such as tapered extrude and streamlined interfaces for curves from equations, tapered extrude, helical sweeps and sweep commands. Enhanced preview, streamlined editing and auto-regeneration enhancements get you designing faster.

8. Faster Sheetmetal Design

Design in sheetmetal faster than ever before. Industry-leading capabilities such as persistent flat pattern preview, streamlined workflows and dynamic editing make Creo Parametric sheetmetal the leader in design efficiency. additionally, overhauled workflows in common tools such as bend and wall creation make it easier to get up to speed.

9. Better 3D Annotations

Capture detailed model information faster and easier in a new dedicated 3D annotation environment. Easily create annotations and combined states. You can also set and manage orientations. The improved Annotation Feature UI is easier to use and further increases detailed design productivity.

10. Simulate Reality

New rich simulation capabilities make it easier to predict product performance. Enhanced usability and distributed batch processing support help you analyze designs faster. Additional nonlinear structural and thermal analyses, more dynamic analyses and improved meshing give you even more power and speed for verification and validation of designs.

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