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A complete all-in-one CAD and PDM platform built for the cloud

Onshape is a comprehensive product development SaaS solution that brings together all stakeholders in a safe and secure cloud workspace.It combines robust CAD and PDM capabilities for powerful collaboration, and real-time analytics to improve the entire product development process and speed up time to market.

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Manage design teams with unprecedented visibility and control

Onshape Enterprise is a unique computer aided design software that speeds up product development. It combines CAD, release management. real-time collaboration, and detailed analytics to help extended design teams work together faster and help executives make better data-driven business decisions.

Companies using file-based CAD and Product Data Management (PDM) often struggle to manage their design process and keep their design teams and design data connected. When CAD files are checked-out of PDM, other team members and managers have no access to those files and no way to track design activity. Project status, design issues, conflicts, and resource planning can only be determined once all files are checked back in. This disjointed, serial workftow can lead to errors, project delays and cost overruns.

Unlike old CAD and PDM, Onshape Enterprise computer-aided design software puts you in control. Design teams benefit from enhanced collaboration and ease of access. Managers benefit from advanced security and real-time analytics to optimize and coordinate their product development process.


Secure Control

Access to company data by user, role, team or project and enforce 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for added security. Monitor data use, sign-in locations and user activity with detailed reports and audit logs.


Unprecedented Visibility

Real-time reports and analytics provide insight into design activity to help managers measure team effectiveness, project status, and other key performance indicators.


Enterprise Integration

Connect with PLM/ERP and other business systems via the Onshape API and configure Single Sign-On (SSO) for centralized user authentication.


Universal Access

Provide easy access for extended teamswith custom domains and instant provisioning of Full users (for data editing), Light users (view-only), and Guest users (temporary).

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Advanced Data Security and User Management

Onshape Enterprise adds additional security measures, role-based access, and instant user provisioning and de-provisioning, enabling you to:

  • Control access to sensitive data.
  • Define access by role or job function.
  • Customize permission schemes.
  • Assign access rights per project.
  • Set global permissions by user or team.
  • Manage users by data access needs.
  • Extend the use of design data beyond the core design team.
  • Instantly revoke data access.
  • Ensure data is secure at all times.
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Comprehensive Audit Logs, Analytics, Real-Time Reports and Activity Feeds

Onshape Enterprise tracks more than just document history. Every interaction with your data is recorded in intricate detail and presented in easy-to-read tables and charts, enabling you to:

  • Manage projects and resources better.
  • Identify inefficiencies and reduce costs.
  • Measure individual contributions.
  • Follow Key Performance Indicators.
  • Monitor project status.
  • Reduce time-wasting design reviews and progress reports.
  • Analyze data usage by external contractors and suppliers.
  • Track shared or exported data.
  • Record time spent on each project.
  • Recognize additional training needs.
  • Scale up design activities.
  • Ensure deadlines are met on time.
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State-of-the-Art Design Tools and Built-in Data Management

Onshape Enterprise redefines product development, adding to the superior parametric modeling and data management tools that have made Onshape the industry leader in customer satisfaction. With unprecedented visibility and control of your design processes, your finances, and your business, Onshape Enterprise gives you a real competitive advantage.

Onshape Customer Story

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Customer Success Stories

"We had always talked about rebuilding our PDM from the ground up because our vault in SOLIDWORKS became cluttered over the years. We have co-op students coming and going, and keeping track of everything as users change – each with a varying understanding of PDM – was causing issues. We constantly have new machines that need to be designed or altered – and we do a lot of different configurations of our machines using many of the same parts. With Onshape, working on separate branches of a design just feels a lot cleaner. I find that building multiple versions of a machine in separate workspaces works a lot better for us."

Brendan McGaffey | Mechanical Engineer at Taymer

"As a designer, what excites me about cloud-based CAD are the opportunities to collaborate with my colleagues and factory partners in real time. Onshape is a huge time-saver. Whether it is making our company twice as efficient or 10 times as efficient, it definitely helps us achieve our goals faster and at a higher level."

Phil Brace | Lead Designer at phil&teds

"With Onshape and AWS, we simply work differently than we used to. Designers and developers can look at each other’s progress and see changes they’re making to the design from wherever they are. They can explore those changes in real time and quickly provide feedback. That means smaller and more frequent review cycles. We catch and fix CAD mistakes more quickly, reducing our stress and increasing our confidence. We’ve greatly reduced the hassle and expense of receiving a manufactured part only to find that the part was manufactured based on out-of-date CAD files. I find myself doing much less re-ordering and reworking."

Adam Leibowitz | Mechanical Engineer at Formlabs


$1,500 USD Per User Annually

Designed for single seat users who require:

  • Modern CAD Tools
  • Modest Collaboration
  • Data Management
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$2,500 USD Per User Annually

Designed for small, medium, and consulting businesses that require:

  • Product Development Platform with CAD
  • Release Management
  • Data Management
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Cost Based on Custom Solution

For large organizations that need:

  • The Best Development Tools
  • Advanced & Customizable Collaboration
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