Creo Flexible Modeling Extension

Creo combines the Parametric Modeling excellence of Pro/ENGINEER with the lightweight Direct Modeling capability of Co-Create in one CAD system.  Direct Modeling is CAD modeling without a history tree or parent child relationships and seems strange to the seasoned Parametric CAD user.

By combining the 2 capabilities you get something that no other CAD system has, the ability to do quick, lightweight design edits (or create concepts) with parametric intelligence behind it!  In conjunction with Creo’s Flexible Modeling Extension you get the following benefits:

Late Stage Design and Design Edits

  • Pattern and Symmetry recognition for fast edits (also great for downstream Analysis).
  • “Direct Modeling” edits are captured as Parametric Features so you can control your design intent.
  • Late stage design changes without the CAD file increasing in size too large.
  • Resolve Mode is no longer needed!

Conceptual Modeling

  • Add speed and allow flexibility in creating conceptual CAD models.
  • Create lightweight concepts faster without a history tree and the ability to quickly add parametric intelligence when needed.
  • Files created in previous versions of Pro/ENGINEER are able to be used in your latest upgrade.
  • The ability to recognize an uploaded CAD file from any other source as a “native file”, recognizing geometry and design intent.  Solidworks, AutoCAD, Inventor, CATIA, STEP, IGES and others!

Concepts From Existing Models

Watch the Video Below to see Brian’s Story in how he handles “Late Stage Design Changes”

Watch this Video to learn more about Creo’s Flexible Modeling Extension

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