Creo Freeform Surfacing

Create the Highest-Quality Surfaces for Your Products

You want that ‘cool’ factor. That mysterious aloof quality that inhabits each elegant line of your product. When you get it right, consumers can’t wait to buy your designs. But it can be difficult to produce such effortless sophistication.

As a product designer, you need software that can handle your aesthetic requirements and your need for high-quality surfaces. With the Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension (ISDX), you can create conceptual designs and freeform surfaces while maintaining the ability to model engineering components using the power of parametric modeling.

Creo ISDX gives you easy access to tools that help you manipulate curves and surfaces in a way that allows your design looks as sleek as you’d planned it. Push and pull on geometry and then progressively add constraints as you settle on your design.

Once it comes time to finalized your designs, we’ve put a number of tools in your virtual pocket that help you inspect and control design quality. PTC Creo ISDX provides the tools and capabilities you need to be ready for anything.

Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension (ISDX) Features and Benefits

  • Design flexibility: Build free-form geometry at any point in the design process, using as many or as few constraints as desired
  • No data import: Focus on adding value to your design, not on transferring and interpreting data
  • Intuitive design: Creo Parametric is easy to use. Quickly define curves and surfaces, resulting in a faster ROI
  • Full associativity: Surfaces and curves can instantly adapt to design changes, reducing product development time